Event carpet at unmatched quality and pricing.

In direct connection with the mills that produce, "Event Carpet Warehouse" offers you incredible low pricing and top quality event carpet and aisle runners that others just can not match. Buying direct from the warehouse omits the middle man and escalated costs.

The difference starts right here. For those who do not know there is a substitute in quality in all product lines. Many retailers feature how fabulous and low cost their event carpeting is only to offer you low grade material and carpet construction. What you will receive is a 14 oz nylon red carpet compared to our "standard" 22 oz construction.  

Custom dyed selections. Avoid disappointment and surprise when you roll out your red carpet only to see an orange cast added to the color base. Our Fire Engine Red is lush in color and texture with no added casting. You will also find this unique feature included in many of our popular carpet selections.

Binding is included free of charge with every event carpet purchase. Our process gives your fresh new runner the professional look while providing outstanding resistance to frayed edges. Before final inspection, each and every carpet runner is completed using our ZIG ZAG binding machine proven to be exceptionally stronger than any other finishing method.      


 Aerial view of the event carpet facility. The design and staging area cosists of a high structure ceiling with racks of precut carpet runners for weddings and business that require a standard size to fit common runways and aisles. Adjoining builings consist of racks of thousands of yards of red event carpet and custom carpet rolls for professional event planners and customers who need a specific color to match a decor.


No shopping cart service. Our process starts with direct communication with each and every client. We found this to be a key feature to ensure our customers know exactly all the details before making their purchase thus virtually eliminating mistakes and ensuring you get exactly what you ordered at the price that was quoted. 

Free samples, request your swatches of our event carpet to see the exact color you will be receiving before you order. Many computer monitors will display variations in color depth making the image a bit brighter or darker than actual. Our event carpet swatches will give you the opportunity to view the color of your choice and is the perfect aid in matching decors. We ship to Canada and most worldwide destinations.


            Red carpet runners with no mixed color casting that offer bold rich color for a stunning appearance All blue event carpet runners are available in various shades of color to pefectly match your taste and decor. Bold black event carpet offers the ideal solution for events that require a dark base shade to enrich decorations and surroundings. Pefect for tradeshow booth applications.  Vibrant in color along with outstanding texture, these bright orange event carpet runners are sure to attract attention. Purple event carpet runners can add the finishing touch and a key feature if you desire a look of luxury. Highly desireable for weddings and fashion show events. Beautiful and full in color, pink event carpets are a common choice for kids and sweet 16 parties along with promotional events such as cancer awareness.