Purple aisle runner

Purple and lavender are well known as popular color selections for creating and decorating in the event and party planning industry. These interesting colors also are a very selective choice with company tradeshows and promoters that require a base color to display product lines. Including a purple aisle runner or carpet in or around your booth is a sure fire method to attract attention and provide exceptional appearance to your setup.          


                                A purple aisle runner is a perfect addition to any wedding ceremony. Outdoor usage is acceptable due to this wedding runners solid construction. .


Looking to add that extra spice to your in or outdoor wedding, why not consider adding a lush purple aisle runner that adds ease of planning and can match almost any color of decoration.

With professional bound edges included and sturdy  backing these purple aisle runners for weddings can be set in places where imitation runners just won't do.

Like all products, the warehouse can customize your purple runner size to your needs allowing a perfect fit in any aisle.  

Need a special shape or something unique? Not an issue. Along with our purple aisle runner we can design you a one of a kind custom that is sure to add beauty and style to any event decor.




The warehouse stocks and offers many shades of purple aisle runners for weddings, events and professional use. To make sure you have selected the color of choice before purchasing a sample of each tone can be sent to you for review.